New Budget Airline Charges For Lowering Tray Table, Opening Window Shade

This will cost $20 on new budget airline, DollAir

05/24/2021 7:19PM

By Jan Miller @janecdotes

DollAir, the new budget airline operating between five major airports across the US, is laying claim to the title of cheapest airline around.

The initial ticket is outrageously affordable — non-stop flights from Newark to Seattle start at $23 one-way. We have seen budget airlines before so it comes as no surprise that checked luggage starts at $40/bag, carry-on items in the overhead bin add $10, and that carry-on item under your seat adds $5.

But the real kicker, is that they mean everything comes with a fee and will only unlock with the swipe of your credit card. Opening the window shade will cost you $8 and lowering the tray table costs $12 (per time). Putting your seat back starts at $6 and goes up to as much as $22 depending on how far back you choose to lean. Opening the air vent costs $14 and unless you have an emergency, asking the flight attendant a question adds an automatic $20.

The airline faced major criticism, charging for use of the bathroom but stands by their decision to a $4 fee per visit, a price they consider to be quite affordable. The US Department of Transportation only requires airlines to provide free restroom access during ground delays, a law that DollAir will abide by.

A recent DollAir passenger, Alyssa Mooney, told us Friday that by the time the airplane landed, she wasn’t even surprised that they were charging a fee to deplane. “The so-called de-boarding fee,” said Ms. Mooney, “is a rebate. You get the $25 dollars back after mailing in your ticket. I use a smart phone and don’t have a printer to print off my ticket. I mean, what am I supposed to do? Go to the library? No one’s getting that rebate.”

DollAir did not respond when we reached out for comment.



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